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How to have a virtual tour of your commercial property during COVID-19

We've all been there: Get a call from a client, ask your qualifying questions, get to the property and the property just wasn't right for the client. Or you received a call from a client but you just can't pen in a time/date to tour your property.

These were all "old" issues that commercial brokers/agents had to deal with since the inception of brokerage. Yet, we all understood that our tours were the lifeblood of securing deals. However, 2020 has brought something unique to this current generation and that's COVID-19.


COVID-19 Brokerage Lifestyle

Here in Santa Clara County, we've all been rolling through the tides of lockdown, shutdowns, businesses closing, product shortages and more. But what was really at stake in the meantime? Tours!

Ask yourself, how has COVID-19 affected your tours and business?

Most will claim that their tours have been difficult, shuttered or different to say the least. Maybe some find solstice in the phrase, "chaos breeds opportunity."

Instead ask this question: How can we overcome COVID-19 in respect to our business and tours?


Virtual Tours

Simple answer is virtual tours! Virtual tours have been around for a few years now but hasn't really made itself a necessity till now. Previously virtual tours were a downgrade to just simply meeting the prospective client and asking the qualifying questions that we all know on the back of our hand.

At this time, brokerage must embrace virtual tours! This new tool might seem daunting but with the right people, you can easily make it happen. Imagine getting the same call from the same client who couldn't fit in your schedule. Well, they can instead with one click of a button be in the doorstep of your coveted space and be taken adrift into every corner of your property.

You may not make the same connection with the prospective client that you might have once had before COVID-19 but again shouldn't we embrace this change?


How do you set up a Virtual Tour of your Commercial Property?

It all starts somewhere:

  • Find yourself a capable photographer who has experience in this field

  • Set up a time

  • Open your doors

  • and viola!

In a day or so time you'll have yourself a full fledged Virtual Tour. With a full 360 degree view of the space you can move your mouse about to see every nook and cranny. Not to mention creating a snazzy flyer with high resolution still photos may be the difference between a lease or not. Remember, first impressions are everything.


Sample Virtual Tour of 15 W. San Fernando in San Jose, CA 95113

Try it out:

  • Click on the arrows right or left of the bottom of the picture to move "scenes" or in otherwords move to separate rooms

  • Click and drag with your mouse to pan the camera to different viewpoints of the scene

  • If you see a blank screen, click here


Want to start a virtual tour with your commercial property?

Its easy! Remember, we can not only do full Virtual Tours that showcase your commercial property, we do high quality still photos of your property and drone photography.

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