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Commercial Real Estate Photography

If there is one thing that I'd recommend to every landlord, it's to get your buildings the best look possible. I'm often surprised at the outdated photos that people take of their buildings thinking it'd land them a renter or a lister. But in fact nothing does more harm to the image of the building than a photo in where one can count the pixels in chunks. Furthermore, I often see landlords taking pictures of some of the more undesirable features of the building; what gives?

Commercial real estate is a business that could learn a thing or two from the persistence of residential home marketing. Residential photos tend to be stunning, bright, captivating and so much more... Lets take another angle, think of food menu items. Do you think that your nearest fast food place shouldn't invest in top of the line photography for their food photos displayed on the drive-thru menu's? I think you get the point, good photos of things sell. Photographers slave away at putting themselves in the customers shoes.

"What can I do to make a good impression at first glance" is something I often remind myself.


Tips and Tricks:

  1. Think of what sells

Take a long walk and find out what features sell. What is it that makes people tick? Lets say you have shack on a large property. Do you think you should take a picture of the shack or send a drone up and take a picture of the property. Obviously the former!

Commercial real estate photography is all about getting the picture of the feature that will sell the best.

2. Think of scale

Think about this: When you hold up your phone, how tall are you? Do you think that you're taller, shorter, average? Then think of this: Do you think making things bigger is better or smaller is better? Commercial real estate photography is driving home the fact that bigger is better. So instead of outstretching your arm in front of your face and hitting the shutter button. Move the camera above your stomach/under your chest and tilt the camera up a little. It'll make a difference, I promise!

3. Think of quality

You don't need the top of the line $10,000 camera, but you don't need the $100 camera either. There is a point in time where quality will make a difference in your commercial building. But it doesn't end there. Think about it, spin around 10 times and try to focus your eye, things are a bit blurry right? Not only do you have to have a decent camera, you have to keep it still. Quality is important. I've caught fellow commercial brokers/agents posting photos of blurry/pixelated photos. Come to find out, either their eyes aren't that good, or they don't know the difference. Remember first impressions are everything, why settle for less?



  1. Avoid overpowering colors

See the picture on the left, large colorful wall, it almost feels overbearing. Now look at the picture on the right, the overbearing colorful wall is now secluded to the right side of the picture. Same room, totally different feel.

2. Edit your photos

This one is tricky to accomplish if you do not have the right editing software or know how. At some point you have to trust someone has the eye for it. This is where we can help!


Want to get started getting your property the best look it deserves?

Its easy! Remember, we can not only do full Virtual Tours that showcase your commercial property, we do high quality still photos of your property and drone photography.

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